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DAY SCHOOL: Pre-School to High School

We provide education from Pre-School to High School.  Through collaborative efforts, we have multiple curriculums available for students attending classes during the day.


AFTER SCHOOL: Life Enrichment Programming

From young adult basic education to life enrichment programming for students after school; these programs serve to enhance the quality of education an individual has received.


EVENING SCHOOL: Education for After Hours

Whether it is performing arts, learning vocational skills, or attending adult based programs; our evening services help those not available for traditional education classes/services.

About Us

Our Curricula

Anchor Organizations

We are a core group of educational organizations who have formed an alliance to address some of the core issues plaguing youth and young adults in the Tri-City area of College Park, East Point, and Hapeville, Georgia.


Our focus has been to design and develop programs for socially disadvantaged and under-served youth and young adults, while building financial and community partnerships.  COMPASS Success Academy will create a pathway whereby individuals, from pre-school to adulthood will experience both education and enrichment programming with a background in Science, Technology, Engineering, English, Entrepreneurship, Art & Design, and Math.


COMPASS Success Academy is a collaborative team effort of individuals and organizations committed to developing programs for socially disadvantaged and under-served communities while at the same time developing improvements within the educational system, building health care alliances, as well as building financial and community partnerships.


This will be an academy where day school, after school, and evening education programs are harmoniously delivered for the greater good of those seeking quality education and programs.

Through the utilization of both a cognitive and non-cognitive curricula, COMPASS Success Academy will provide an opportunity for a unique combination of learning and enrichment exchange.

Academic-Cognitive Curriculum:




      Art & Design



Non-Cognitive Enrichment Curriculum:

      Entrepreneurship Training

      7 Mindsets Academy

      Junior Achievement

      Science and Invention

      Technology: Academy for Industry

      Performing Arts and Sports Training

      Accelerated Learning


Preparatory preschool for children ages 6 weeks through 5 years.


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Bridge Academy

Providing educational/vocational services and programs to high-risk youth in the Atlanta Metro area.


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Compass Success Academy Mission

Primary Stakeholders

Curriculum Overview


Compass Success Academy's mission is to provide an opportunity for a unique combination of learning and knowledge exchange.

      Bridge Academy


      One Talent, Inc.

      Phoenix Communities CP

      School of the heARTS Academy

     SOSSI, Incorporated

The seven major components to Compass Success Academy's curriculum are: Entrepreneurship Training; 7 Mindsets Academy, Junior Achievement, Science and Invention; Technology Academy for Industry; Performing Arts & Training Center; and Accelerated Learning.

3707 Main Street

College Park, GA 30337


P: 678-515-1720

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